Blog Seventeen: To Australia With Love

This is my first blog published on Amnplify – the Austrian Musicians Network.  Please join me on this exciting new journey!  – cynthia

I am in love with Australians.  You can blame Bali.  You can blame AA.  You can blame Ubud.  You can blame Amnplify. You can blame one of my dear Irish friends.  You can blame Sydney, Melbourne & all the amazing Australian people I’ve met over the past year or so.  I’m from New Jersey, and we love to blame anyone for everything.  So you can blame the Italians too.  I do.

Perspective.  On a good day, I feel very grateful.  I’ve had a chance to travel all over the world with my music projects.  I get to spend the lion’s share of my time writing, recording, rehearsing and developing my craft.  I found out at a very early age that I wanted to sing.  I’m convinced it’s my calling.  Still, after a lifetime of singing, I believe this wholeheartedly.  How many folks do you know who have the gift of knowing at age 13?

On a bad day, well, I feel the opposite.  I feel cursed by this passion.  I feel worried that I’ll never become what I set out to be.  Spotting that Heart album deep in the vinyl pile in a Walmart aisle of yesteryear.  I remember staring at their album cover.  They were dressed-up like Gypsies.  Let me tangent for a moment to another idea I like to visit.  One where I lived in another time, during the Middle Ages (I’ll save the bear’s share of this thought for another blog).  I am absolutely mesmerized by films & good TV with medieval subject matter.  How interesting that I first found music, on this particular journey, so young, wrapped up in lacy ornate costumes with puffy white sleeves.

My sweet Dad passed away a year & a half ago.  2014 proved to be a transformative period for me.  After his unexpected illness & untimely death, I signed up for three very intense workshops (WorldWorks Trainings) that shifted my paradigm.  They jogged my belief system so much, that for the first time since Saucy Monky stepped off a festival stage in Prague, I was re-connected to the pre-pubescent version of Cynthia in that Walmart aisle – the kid with a powerful fantasy life, who knew no obstacle on her path to music, rock stardom & conquering the world.  What did I do?  I decided to take some wild chances and booked a solo tour of Australia!  Mind you, this isn’t terribly crazy, but it might be a little outside the box if you consider that at the time, I only knew one person in the entire country!

Simultaneously, I decided to take a bucket list journey to S.E. Asia, with a newly purchased backpack and my new-ish girlfriend in tow.  Not just any journey, but one that would last for two months!  We found solutions to every obstacle in the wake of this adventure, which eventually took us to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia & ultimately, my solo tour of VIC.  It was ballsy.  It was brave.  It was the trip of a lifetime.  This is how I came to love the Australian people.  From the friend of a friend who helped me organize the tour, to the friend who’s Dad housed us for over a week, to the friends of a friend who organize shows in New Zealand,  & back to the same few friends who shared a shit ton of radio & music mag info, which turned into advance press & a radio tour to boot!  Six degrees of wonderful is what I experienced gearing up for this journey.

My first interaction with the Australian music biz was with a well-respected DJ at Joy FM.  She welcomed me & my music like I was Patti Smith, stopping in for tea.  It felt a lot like the early days of my long time indie band, Saucy Monky, and our early tours of Ireland & Irish radio.  Funny how things come around full circle.  If I had any doubts about Australia as a place to sink my musical teeth into, this June I was invited back to Bali for a special show.  As if to seal those intentions, my performance was on a life-altering scale.  Like a message from the Universe, whispering in my ear, “this is your path”.  Every member of that audience cheering me on, shaking my hand, giving me hugs & accolades usually reserved for superstars.  The generous people of Perth, Sydney, Melbourne embraced me & my voice like I have yet to be “seen”.  It humbled me to the knees of that childhood version of myself & those long forgotten dreams of rock & roll and making a difference in the world with my music.

As naked as we are, is what we create in others, by example.  And so, Australia, my name is Cynthia.  I’d really like to get to know you better.  Thank you Dave Bruce for this oh so intriguing opportunity to share my stories.  Like a gift from the universe – unexpected, alive and beautiful.

‘A moment in Hat Yai’.  watch the video here. Cynthia reflects on her S.E. Asian adventure thus far (in Hat Yai Thailand, boarding an overnight train to Kuala Lumpur).

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